Filip Verbanac, Premium Spirits and Coffee Director at Coca-Cola HBC Adria

Marija Prša, pastry chef at the restaurant Dubravkin put and winner of a Raise the Bar Scholarship in 2022

Karlo Kralj, bartender at Swanky Monkey Garden Bar, certified Raise the Bar Academy attendee in 2021

Danijell Nikolla, owner of the production company Ritam Produkcija and the restaurants Corto Maltese and Pandora Greenbox

Marko Gajski, Michelin chef at the restaurant Lešić Dimitri and member of the Raise the Bar Scholarship jury


Matéria Project is about creating knowledge
it’s about searching
it’s about knowing how to stop and contemplate
it’s about the importance of time
it’s about sharing
It is above all, about PEOPLE
thhis is a space for everyone, built by everyone

Matéria is a non-profit project, developed by chef João Rodrigues, that aims to promote national producers with good agricultural practices and animal production concerning nature and the environment, as fundamental elements of Portuguese culture.

Matéria Project is being developed through the sharing of information and knowledge between chefs and producers from all over Portugal. It is open to all who want to participate in it and help to build this mapping, thus contributing to the sustainability of the producers’ work and for an increase in national product consumption.


Nevena Rendeli, Head of Communications, Weekend Media Festival; CEO Prime time komunikacije

Boris Kovaček, Director, Pepermint; Executive Director, Weekend Media Festival

Tina Lupieri, Human Resources Director, Maistra d.d.

Aleksandar Raić, VP of People and Transformation, Infobip

Hrvoje Petrić, Program Director, Weekend Food Festival

Nikola Pavešić, Director of Startups, Infobip


But how many times have you looked at Google, TripAdvisor or similar platforms that post restaurant rankings and reviews and quickly believed them? Perhaps in the beginning they conveyed the faithful experience of visitors, but soon these lists became a tool of manipulation for competitors.
How do we escape from the terror of reviews, how do we recognize the authentic ones and how do we know which ones we can trust?


At the Weekend Food Festival, Rasmus Munk from the Alchemist restaurant will tell us his vision of sustainability through storytelling, drama and provocation, in addition to the importance of providing a sustainable, safe and creative work environment for all staff members.


JRE bottle, a designer bottle with a compelling story that promotes Slovenian tap water quality and is used in many high-end restaurants across Slovenia and Europe. Made from eco-friendly and recyclable glass, the JRE bottle embodies sustainability and eco-consciousness while also generating direct financial benefits for restaurants. Its unique design and story make it desirable for customers, who are willing to pay extra for the water served in these bottles, providing restaurants with a new revenue stream.

1 on 1

Gala dinners



Denis Vlahovac, owner of the Cocktail Empire brand
Green tea powder, better known as matcha or the Japanese elixir of health, has easily found its way to the hearts of fans around the world. From traditional Japanese tea ceremonies in the 9th century through matcha latte and iced matcha trends — this ingredient has gained cult-like status among celebrities in Hollywood, and now its latest role is in modern mixology.

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