Participant introduction

Maksut Askar

Chef Maksut Askar and his creations are known by many thanks to culinary shows on the popular channel 24Kitchen. Nevertheless, he is better known as the head chef and owner of the Neolokal restaurant located in the Salt Galata Museum in Istanbul. The main feature of his cuisine is a return to the traditional local foods he grew up with. Reconnecting with the original flavors of Anatolian cuisine is very important to him, and he often emphasizes that without the past there would be no future. Askar studied tourism and hotel management while training to be a chef. During his schooling the famous chef worked in many sectors within the food and beverage industry, thus developing his passion for taste design. Just before the start of the global pandemic, Askar decided to expand the business by opening two wine bars called Foxy. The special feature of these bars is that they serve natural, organic wines, whose goal is to encourage and promote the importance and need to turn to towards organic cultivation and production. In order to further encourage this form of wine production, Askar guaranteed all organic wine growers to purchase their entire production of wine, which significantly influenced the development of this branch of winemaking and viticulture.