Participant introduction

Laurentiu-Florin Dimitriu

Nestlé Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
In March 2019, Laurentiu-Florin Dimitriu became the head of Nestlé for Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This experienced manager honed his craft in his native home Romania, with more than 19 years of work in various positions in the Nestlé Romania business system. Interestingly, he is a mechanical engineer by profession, but very soon after 1993 when he acquired this title at the Polytechnic Faculty in Bucharest, his path took him in the direction of sales and management. He completed postgraduate specialist MBA studies at the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK. He says that his engineering, practical way of thinking has always been of great help to him in his sales and later managerial career. Working at Nestlé Romania since 2000, until the beginning of this year when he moved to his current position, Laurentiu covered the areas of retail, the HoReCa channel, managed the Purina brand and eventually became the sales director of Nestlé Romania. This year, shifting from his previous position, he joined Nestlé Adriatic, which is part of the larger Nestlé Southeast European market and together with Romania and Bulgaria, includes as many as 50 million consumers.