Participant introduction


Chef Himanshu is considered one of the youngest tastemakers in Indian cuisine today, having commenced his culinary career under the mentorship of Chef Manish Mehrotra of Indian Accent in Delhi. From the very beginning, Chef Himanshu’s mission has been to change the perception of Indian cuisine and elevate how we experience Indian food today; the culmination of which is flagship restaurant, Trèsind Studio. His interest in food and cooking was nurtured by his family, in his home kitchen. The evolution of Trèsind Studio is his ode to the culinary legacy of his homeland and his drive for exploration in the culinary world. “I come from an agricultural family in India. I grew up spending a lot of time around fresh produce, herbs and flowers. This has created an innate inclination towards using locally sourced ingredients, which is organically expressed in our menu at Trèsind Studio. Indian food has so much to offer, with such diversity in the landscape, produce, culture and cuisine. My team and I are passionate about making dishes that we enjoy savouring, dishes that we want to share with our guests.” - Chef Himanshu Saini