Sanpellegrino Water & Wine Pairing

Julia Kryuchkova DipWSET – Water & Wine Educator

There is one beverage a restaurant guest will definitely order, no matter what dish he chooses or what mood he is in. Water is something we can never exclude from our dining experience. However, do we always realize the importance of mineral water in our beverage lists?

Do we know how profoundly different mineral waters could be? Which one is best paired with a light, fruity white wine and which one with a full-bodied red? Mineral water in a fine dining concept is more than just a simple thirst-quenching beverage. It could easily change our perception of food, enriching or worsening our guests’ gastronomic experience. That’s why the quality of mineral water and the correct water, wine, and food pairings are so crucial. And just as it is with wine, mineral water serving temperature and the right choice of glassware are equally important. This masterclass addresses all the above issues, focusing on the unique terroirs of S. Pellegrino and Acqua Panna mineral waters and their distinctive characteristics. You will also learn how to evaluate and understand mineral water through water tasting and how to create unparalleled water, wine, and food pairings.

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DipWSET – Water & Wine Educator