Istarski party by Gustafi

Gustafi was formed in 1980 in the small Istrian town of Vodnjan from an amateur stage group with a passion for performing, orginally called Gustaph y njegovi dobri duhovi. Against all odds, the band still exists today and functions flawlessly. The current line-up, which is never fixed, consists of Edi Maružin, lyricist, musical composer, singer and guitarist; drummer Čedomir Mošnja; bassist Ang Maružin; Gianluca Antonini, bass, trombone; guitarist Jimi Grgić; Alen Peruško, accordion; singer and drummer, Bernarda Ravnić; Boris Mohorić, trumpet and vocals; Luka Horvat, trumpet; Antun Ferenčić, trombone; Aldo Foško, clarinet and keyboards; Mirjan Derossi, trumpet; and many more. They are now embarking on a new campaigns with new gigs popularly called “Barn”.