The world’s best chef confirms her arrival to the Weekend Food Festival as well as some other exceptional names in the world gastronomic scene!

Namely, the Weekend Food Festival is a long-awaited dream of Boris Kovaček and Tomo Ricov, the people behind the most successful Festival in Croatia and the region - the Weekend Media Festival. In cooperation with Hrvoje Petrić, Mate Janković, Marin Nekić and Matija Belković, they have realized the first edition of the Weekend Food Festival in May 2018 in the beautiful Zagreb Gliptotheque called Restaurants & Bars Weekend, which was visited by over 15 000 people.
The organizational team of the Festival announced that the new event will be held in Rovinj in the premises of the Old tobacco factory from May 14th until May 17th, 2020. The well-known founding duo of Ricov and Kovaček, in collaboration with Hrvoje Petrić, Mate Janković, Marin Nekić and Matija Belković announced that the Weekend Food Festival will take place from May 14th to May 17th in 2020, the same place as the famous Weekend Media Festival. The concept itself will remain unchanged. It is an event that aims to promote excellence in all segments of the gastronomy and hospitality industry, and this year they are raising the whole story to a higher level. Namely, for now they have decided to share three names that come from the top of the industry with the public. "Ana Roš, the best chef in the world according to the 50 Best Restaurants in 2017, confirmed her arrival, followed by Yoji Tokoyushi and Sebastian Postogna," revealed Hrvoje Petrić, Program Director. For nine years, Japanese chef Yoji Tokoyushi worked as sous-chef at Osteria Francescani and then opened his own restaurant in Milan, which received a Michelin star after only ten months. Sebastian Postogna is a young F&B manager who can already name collaborations with groups such as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, IHG, LVMH, the W Hotel and Jean-Georges in his resume. Chefs from Asia, Russia, Scandinavia, Italy, France and Spain have also been announced. The event will also feature integration of Croatia's top chefs into the story as well as several gala dinners. “The Weekend Food Festival wants to bring together the best experts, educate, share experiences and push boundaries. We will hold masterclasses and panel discussions with many experts from the world of mixology and coffee. Marin Nekić, Croatia's top mixologist and Matija Belković and Matija Hrkać of Cogito Coffee, are especially helpful in this part of our project “, stated Boris Kovaček, who is, along with Tomo Ricov, one of the Festival's founders. In addition to the educational aspect, this organizational team is also known for their parties, which are talked about long after the Festival, and this year, visitors will not be left stranded without a quality evening program. "After inspirational lectures and masterclasses, you will be able to taste some of the best coffee in the world, enjoy many gastronomic delicacies, and in the evening, we will spice it all up with great parties. We'll see you in Rovinj! ", concluded Tomo Ricov.