Participant introduction

Yehi Zino

Yehi Zino was born and raised in Ashdod, a southern port city in Israel, where he received his "Mediterranean education". He surfed, dived and was always around fish and the sea's treasures. Since the age 15 he worked in the restaurant business, and today he owns "Pescado", a kosher fish restaurant that uses the local products. In 2009 he opened Pescado with his partner Eran Zano, a childhood friend who is a 3rd generation fisherman, and is one of the biggest fish suppliers in the country. This connection created a restaurant that is an amusement park and a dream for any chef, a special combination that upgrades the clients' experience. In 2022 "Pescado" won the 24th place in the "50 Best" competition of the 50 best restaurants in North Africa and the Middle East. This title made the restaurant the first kosher restaurant to win such a title, presenting it as one of the best kosher restaurants in the world. "Pescado" has also won several titles in Israel, such as the best kosher restaurant, the best fish restaurant, and one of the top 5 restaurants in Israel.