Participant introduction


cofounder, Coffee Collective
laus Thomsen is a former World Barista Champion and Co-Founder of The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Denmark. A micro roastery with direct import of green coffee from farmers across the world and with 7 coffee shops in the capital of Denmark. Their mission is to bring more value directly to farmers while creating some of the worlds best coffee experiences. It’s a dualistic purpose that combines ethics with aesthetic. Transparency in coffee is theme that runs through the Coffee Collective. It matters both for the clarity of flavors but more importantly for how coffee is traded. In this talk Klaus will share insights into coffee farming and processing, the challenges that face the global coffee market and how to work for a more sustainable future. Recently Klaus also completed the B Leader training program (The Coffee Collective is Certified B Corporation) and have dived into environmental, social and financial impacts of running a business. Food for thought for more than just the coffee industry.