Participant introduction

Hrvoje Kroflin

After graduating from the Hospitality School in Zagreb, Hrvoje Kroflin begin his professional culinary journey working at Gallo restaurant in 2004, very popular at the time. After leaving Gallo, he began his long-term career at the Mano restaurant. From 2005-2013 in 2010, he works as executive chef and manager of Mano restaurant and takes over the newly opened restaurant ManO2 in the business part of Zagreb, on Radnička cesta. In the meantime, he goes on an internship and additional education at The Ledbury restaurant in London (2* Michelin) with the famous chef Brett Graham, and also does an internship at the Italian restaurant Kallmünz in Merano. Today, he successfully runs ManO2, one of the best Croatian restaurants. The culinary philosophy of the Mano2 restaurant is the constant research of local ingredients, exclusive micro-seasonal and unique, author's approach. For him, the rich gastronomic heritage is an extremely attractive motive for establishing creative haute cuisine, and Kroflin is successfully leading a new generation of highly promising chefs. Last year, the restaurant was declared the second best in Croatia, as well as in the individual selection of chefs. At the beginning of 2022, Hrvoje was nominated by the prestigious list The Best Chef as a candidate for the selection of the 100 best chefs in the world.