Participant introduction

Hilla Alpert

Food expert
Hila Alpert is a prominent figure in Israel’s culinary scene - and one of its most appreciated voices as a writer and tv presenter. She was born and raised in a Kibbutz near Jerusalem. There, growing up, Alpert was exposed to an infusion of culinary traditions from the eastern European cuisine dominant in the Kibbutz’s dining room, through the Mediterranean kitchen of the adjacent Arab village, to the American culinary traditions from her father’s side and Moroccan – from her mother’s. Alpert is a chef, a food journalist and a lecturer, an author of cookbooks and restaurant guides, a consultant to restaurants and food industries, and an actor. She approaches food out of pure curiosity to its ingredients and history. Her cuisine embraces her childhood culinary inspirations, together with traditions she became acquainted with throughout her career. Through food, she tells the story of the multicultural Israeli fabric.