Participant introduction

David Skoko

David Skoko was born in 1976 in Pula in a family that does fishing for 4 generations. After the army, he started fishing with his father. The story of "Batelina" began in 2000 when they opened a modest family tavern. The offer of "Bateline" is still significantly different from the offer of most other local restaurants, whose menus are organized according to the preferences of the chef or the guests. The basic idea is to present to the guest everything that the fishing net pulls from the sea, from first-class fish to small blue fish, dried fish roe (butarga), edible fish entrails, bone marrow of large predators and small shrimps that keep our sea clean. Since 2010, David Skoko regularly appears on television as an expert chef, participates in numerous projects as an expert culinary advisor and as a journalist in gastro magazines. He appeared as a guest/chef in the show "Masterchef" on Nova TV, in 2014 he was a chef/presenter in the RTL show "Language Soup",from 2015 to 2016 he participated in the HRT show "Pears and Apples" ". In addition to collaborations with domestic TV companies, David has collaborated and filmed on foreign TV companies (ARTE TV, RAI, FOODNETWORK, TRAVEL CHANNEL), with famous world chefs/hosts are especially noteworthy: Adam Richman: "Trip of a lifetime"; Anthony Bourdain: "No reservations"; Henry Cole: "World's greatest motorcycle rides"; Donal Skehan: "Croatia's hidden food scene" As an expert associate of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia, he participated in the "Croatia 365 Gastro" project from 2015 to 2016. Last year, in cooperation with the Roda Association, he held cooking workshops on the topic of children's nutrition in the women's prison in Požega. Since 2015, he has been working with the gastro magazine "StoryGourmet" as a journalist and expert associate. He completed his biography as an excellent chef by collaborating in the creation of two cookbooks: "Hrvatska kuharica" ​​edition 2018 and "Papa Quilometros Europa" by Ljubomir Stanišić. David Skoko represented Croatia in the fifth edition of the "Terra Madre Balkans" event, which brings together the food communities of Southeast Europe, and was held in Brussels in 2018. A long-term cooperation ties him to the tourist communities of Medulin, Pula, Istria and Croatia in the promotion of eno-gastro tourism, local foods and fish (especially neglected species) through many publications and TV/radio shows.