Participant introduction


DiverXO, 3*** Michelin stars
Dabiz Munoz is a kind of revolutionary of the fine dining concept. This Spanish chef shuns well-known trends and concepts in favour of innovation, the search for excellence and the avant-garde. Munoz is unconventional, uncompromising and unique in his work, which, along with his visionary approach, earned him the title of the world's best chef in 2021, according to the Best Chef Awards. As a child he fell in love with cooking, and his idol was Chef Abraham García from the Madrid restaurant Viridiana, where he often went with his parents. Even then, he had a vision of a top-notch restaurant that would draw crowds and long lines of eager patrons. His father used to tell him that this would happen “when pigs fly”. Now these flying pigs are one of the main features of the DiverXO restaurant. Chef Munoz has earned three Michelin stars for his Madrid restaurant DiverXO, the first of which was at the age of 30. With his innovative cooking, he is constantly pushing for change and evolution in the world of high cuisine, giving his restaurant a completely new, distinctive, and above all inspiring dimension. In his work he is impeccable. He blends immense talent and the search for new knowledge with perfect techniques and honed culinary skills. The result are dishes that are significantly different from the familiar, which are original and even a bit shocking. Munoz is completely unconventional, uncompromising and unique in who he is and what he does.