Lectures / Panels

FRIDAY 14.04.2023.


But how many times have you looked at Google, TripAdvisor or similar platforms that post restaurant rankings and reviews and quickly believed them? Perhaps in the beginning they conveyed the faithful experience of visitors, but soon these lists became a tool of manipulation for competitors.
How do we escape from the terror of reviews, how do we recognize the authentic ones and how do we know which ones we can trust?


Franco Pepe is the best pizzaiolo in the world, according to The Best Chefs Award (2022), and it is precisely because of him that the streets of the Italian town of Caiazza are full of people waiting for only one thing – to try Franco Pepe’s pizza.

SATURDAY 15.04.2023.


JRE bottle, a designer bottle with a compelling story that promotes Slovenian tap water quality and is used in many high-end restaurants across Slovenia and Europe. Made from eco-friendly and recyclable glass, the JRE bottle embodies sustainability and eco-consciousness while also generating direct financial benefits for restaurants. Its unique design and story make it desirable for customers, who are willing to pay extra for the water served in these bottles, providing restaurants with a new revenue stream.


At the Weekend Food Festival, Rasmus Munk from the Alchemist restaurant will tell us his vision of sustainability through storytelling, drama and provocation, in addition to the importance of providing a sustainable, safe and creative work environment for all staff members.


Dabiz Munoz is a kind of revolutionary of the fine dining concept, who is not interested in everything that has already been seen and known, and avant-garde, innovation and the search for excellence is what characterizes this Spanish chef.